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Content Begin
11.12.22 Eritrean Geophysical Survey Update
11.12.20 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
11.12.16 Expiry of Unquoted Options

Expiry of Unquoted Options

11.11.30 Executive Director AGM Presentation 2011
11.11.30 Results of Meeting
11.11.30 Chairman's Address - AGM 2011

Appendix 3B

11.11.15 Further Drilling Results at Heemskirk Tin Project

Divestment of Heemskirk Tin Project Interest


11.10.31 Quarterly Cashflow Report
11.10.31 Quarterly Activities Report
11.10.27 Annual Report to Shareholders
11.10.25 Notice of Annual General Meeting
11.10.12 Heemskirk Tin Drilling Update
11.10.07 Orders placed for Abu Dabbab Alluvial Treatment Plant
11.09.30 Full Year Statutory Accounts
11.09.30 Eritrean Geophysical Survey completed
11.08.29 Becoming a substantial holder
11.08.29 Change in substantial holding
11.08.22 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11.08.19 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11.08.17 Change in substantial holding
11.08.17 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11.08.16 Rights Issue Completion
11.08.10 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11.08.05 Change of Director's Interest Notice
11.08.03 Implementation of Abu Dabbab Alluvial Project Approved
11.07.29 Fourth Quarter Activites Report
11.07.29 Quarterly Cashflow Report
11.07.27 Abu Dabbab Alluvial Tin Project Update
11.07.26 Strong Dilling Results at Heemskirk
11.07.22 Supplementary Disclosure Document
11.07.14 Rights Issue Timetable Corrections
11.07.12 Appendix 3B
11.07.12 Disclosure Document
11.07.12 Fully Underwritten Renounceable Rights Issue
11.07.08 Independent Calculation of Abu Dabbab Project Economics
11.07.06 Heemskirk Scoping Study completed
11.06.22 Jordan Government Exploration Negotiations Update
11.06.16 Adobha Spin-Out Termination
11.06.15 Arabs Today Article
11.06.08 Abu Dabbab Increases Ore Reserves
11.05.31 Nuweibi Exploration Update
11.05.31 Abu Dabbab - Site related works further update
11.05.18 Review of Abu Dabbab Project and Project Update
11.05.12 Adobha Spin Out Update
11.05.10 Update - Heemskirk Tin Project
11.04.29 Third Quarter Activities Report

Quarterly Cash Flow Report

11.04.21 Non-Egyptian Assets to be Divested

Eritrean Exploration Update

11.04.11 Abu Dabbab - Project Update

Abu Dabbab Alluvial Tin Project - Trial Mining Commences

11.03.16 Further Exploration Drilling on Heemskirk Tin Project
11.03.16 Half Year Accounts
11.03.07 High Grade JORC Mineral Resource for Heemskirk Tin Project
11.01.31 Abu Dabbab Alluvial Tin Exploration
11.01.28 Quarterly Cashflow Report

Quarterly Activities Report

11.01.25 Heemskirk Tin Project Update
11.01.18 Board changes, progress at Abu Dabbab