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Announcement Description
ASX 09.11.12 Tantalum Project Conference Leaflet
ASX 09.11.09 Adjustment to Exercise Price of Unquoted Options
ASX 09.10.22 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
ASX 09.10.09 Rights Issue Shortfall Notice
ASX 09.10.05 142.5 million tonne Abu Dabbab-Nuweibi Resources-Reserves confirmation
ASX 09.10.05 Eritrean Tenements Granted
ASX 09.09.30 Full Year Statutory Accounts 2009
ASX 09.09.18 Rights Issue – Amendment to Timetable
ASX 09.09.11 Rights Issue – Right Issue Entitlement and Acceptance Form, Overseas shareholder payment options.
ASX 09.08.31 Rights Issue – Letter to Eligible Shareholders
ASX 09.08.31 Rights Issue – Letter to Non-Eligible Shareholders
ASX 09.08.31 Letter to Option Holders
ASX 09.08.31 Appendix 3b – Rights Issue
ASX 09.08.28 Underwritten Renounceable Rights Issue
ASX 09.08.28 Loan Conversion
ASX 09.08.28 Form 603 Initial Substantial Shareholder Notice
ASX 09.08.28 Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest
ASX 09.08.28 Appendix 3b - Issue of Securities
ASX 09.08.26 Amendment of Option Terms
ASX 09.08.18 Appendix 3b - Issue of shares to Euro Institutions
ASX 09.08.18 Appendix 3b – Issue of Securities
ASX 09.08.18 Successful Share Placement
ASX 09.08.14 Appendix 3b – Issue of Securities
ASX 09.07.06 New Chairman's letter to Shareholders
ASX 09.06.26 Appendix 3b – Issue of Securities
ASX 09.06.24 Results of General Meeting
ASX 09.06.05 Tantalum Project & Corporate Update
ASX 09.05.18 Retirement of Director
ASX 09.04.17 Lifting of ASX Suspension
ASX 09.04.17 Half Yearly Accounts
ASX 09.04.16 AU$800,000 Funding Obtained
ASX 09.04.06 UK Share Registry Transfer
ASX-LSE 09.03.23 De-Listing from AIM
ASX-LSE 09.02.13 Resignation of Joint Broker
ASX-LSE 09.02.11 Resignation of Nomad Joint Broker
ASX-LSE 09.01.30 Second Quarter Financial Report
ASX-LSE 09.01.14 Allocation of Feldspar Portsite