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ASX-LSE 07.12.31 Chairman Exercises Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.31 Director Exercises Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.21 Exercise of Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.21 Director Exercises Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.19 Appointment of new London Broker and LSE-AIM Nomad
ASX-LSE 07.12.17 Exercise of Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.07 Annual General Meeting resolution voting results
ASX-LSE 07.12.06 Annual General Meeting Presentation
ASX-LSE 07.12.06 Exercise of Options
ASX-LSE 07.12.06 Gippsland shares trade on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
ASX-LSE 07.12.03 Gippsland Director Share Purchase
ASX-LSE 07.11.27 Letter to Shareholders regarding exercise of options
ASX-LSE 07.11.16 Abu Swayel Copper Nickel Drilling Results
ASX-LSE 07.11.15 Exercise of Options
ASX-LSE 07.11.14 Appointment of Fox-Davies Capital as LSE-AIM Co-Broker
ASX LSE 07.11.13 10 Year HC Starck Tantalum Offtake Agreement signed
ASX-LSE 07.10.30 First Quarter Financial Report
ASX-LSE 07.10.26 Notice of Annual General Meeting & Proxy Form
ASX LSE 07.09.27 Financial Reports for year ended 30 June 2007
ASX LSE 07.09.14 Electronic Annual Report Option (ASX)
ASX LSE 07.09.14 Electronic Annual Report Option (LSE-AIM)
ASX LSE 07.09.04 Expansion of share trading to UK PLUS
ASX LSE 07.08.28 Abu Swayel TEM Survey Results (Copper-Nickel)
ASX LSE 07.08.17 Website AIM Compliance
ASX LSE 07.05.08 Initial Director's Interest JS
ASX LSE 07.05.08 Appointment of London-based Director
ASX-LSE 07.04.26 New Share Placement
ASX-LSE 07.04.16 Commencement of Copper-Nickel exploration at Abu Swayel
ASX-LSE 07.04.13 Appointment of Tantalum Egypt JSC Board Members
ASX-LSE 07.03.30 Additional Seiga Gold Targets - Amendment
ASX-LSE 07.03.27 Additional Seiga Gold Targets
ASX-LSE 07.03.16 Half Yearly Financial Report
ASX-LSE 07.02.07 Exercise of Options
ASX-LSE 07.01.12 Seiga Gold JORC Resources